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I was born and raised in Coventry, England, but, now am a proud American citizen.  I had a 32 year career in the airline industry with Pan American World Airways and still enjoy travelling when I can. If you would like to see more of where I came from, scroll down and experience a bit of Coventry.

The city lies at the crossroads of England, right at the hub of the country's motorway system.  Coventry is an hour's train ride from London, just about as far away from the sea as you can get in Britain, and ten minutes from Birmingham International Airport.

Birthplace of the modern bicycle and the car in Britain, spiritual home to Lady Godiva and the legendary St George, Coventry is a working multicultural city that can look back on a thousand years of action-packed history and forward to a bright future.  Set in the rich farming landscapes of Shakespeare's Warwickshire, the city has the busiest arts center in Britain, the nation's first post-war theater, the world's biggest museum collection of cars, motorcycles and bicycles, more greenery than any other industrial city in England, a Premiership football club, and one of the finest medieval guildhalls in the country.

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Of Special Interest

The legend of Lady Godiva is very special to Coventry; everyone loves the tale of this proud Lady, who rode naked through the streets in protest at the high taxes that her husband, Earl Leofric, had imposed on the town.  Tourists from all over the world visit the statue of Lady Godiva situated in Broadgate adjacent to the Cathedral Quarter, and see the fascinating Coventry Clock where Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom (the only person to have seen the naked parade of Lady Godiva) once again go on parade every hour.

Warwick Castle

The finest medieval castle in England. A thousand years of history are represented here.  For centuries Warwick Castle was home of the mightly Earls of Warwick, who were to play key roles in English history.

St John's Church

The church was completed and consecrated in 1350 on land which was a gift from Queen Isabella, widow of Edward II, to the Guild of St. John the Baptist. In 1648 the church was used to imprison Scottish Royal soldiers after the Battle of Preston, during the Civil War.

Kenilworth Castle

The castle was originally founded in 1120 for defense, and the walls of its Norman keep are six meters thick.  It was not until the 14th century that the castle was transformed from a stronghold into a palatial home. Kenilworth is the largest and finest castle ruin in the whole of England.

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity was founded in the 12th century.  The spire, 67 metres high, is the focus of a 1 million- repair program.  Saved from the Blitz in 1941 by the foresight of the vicar, it houses a rare medieval "Doom" wall painting, soon to be restored, high above the Chancel arch.  The Marler Chapel, built just before the Reformation, has an intricate wooden ceiling.  The misericords in the Choir Stalls are 14th century. Stained glass windows of the crucifixion and Christ in Glory are fine examples of post-war workmanship.  Holy Trinity is home to a congregation of over 300 people of all ages and gives a high priority to the Christian mission.

Cheylesmore Manor House

Now the city's register office but once the gatehouse of what was said to be the only unfortified royal palace outside London.  The surviving building is probably 16th century, but its associations go back to Queen Isabella, wife of Edward II and her grandson, the Black Prince, who was fond of hunting on his Cheylesmore estate.

Bond's Hospital

Set in a timeless and peaceful corner of the city center where almshouses and one of Coventry's oldest school buildings form a delightful courtyard.

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