Here we have the notorious Heidi.  Heidi is very protective.............thinks she owns Village Park.

The lovely Bodhi....just visiting and never met a face he couldn't lick!

I’m “Chow”.  Wendy saved my butt.  I had been living in a tree for the last 2 years, and I was a real mess.  Why Chow Hound? Because for the first 2 weeks air never touched my food.  Big Thanks to the Doctors and staff at The Culver City Animal Hospital for patching me up real good.

I can sleep with one eye open when I have to..Go away boy you’re about to bother me!


Our newest family member, named Crusty by the Culver City Animal Hospital Staff, who rescued her from under a burned out building and nursed her back to health - seems they have a knack for doing this! 

A name change is in order, so stay tuned. 

We are thinking about calling this “8 week old cute little devil” CT - Cute Terror.  We’ll see!

I sleep a lot and have my own couch.

Chow Hound02

And sooner or later I’m going to have to kick the Little Terror’s Butt


The Little Terror sleeps


Skulking for victims.

Corky was rescued from the pound by Jane, is 9 years old and still very cute!

Here we have Hanna.

Hanna is close to flunking out of Obedience School because of her “I’ve got to lick that face” attitude!  Choose your weapons!

Update...It’s official; Hanna flunked..

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